Where does the money come from?


In 1939, as the threat of war grew, Lord Nuffield wanted to recognise the willingness of the young men to comply with the recently passed Conscription Act by improving the recreational facilities and living conditions of Servicemen and women.  Therefore, on 14th October 1939, he assigned one million Morris Motors ordinary shares, a gift then worth £1,650,000, to set up the Trust for the Forces of the Crown which would bear his name.  At the same time he made an additional gift of £50,000 to cover the first year’s expenditure of the Trust until a return on the capital investment became available to fund subsequent years’ grants.

Over the Years.......

The Trust's income arises solely from its investment portfolio, the value of which has grown over the years, and which is shown in the linked Annual Financial Statements at the Charity Commission Website below.

Accounts and annual returns, NUFFIELD TRUST FOR THE FORCES OF THE CROWN - 210829, Register of Charities - The Charity Commission