Any grant awarded shall be treated as a 'one-time donation' that has been made solely for the purpose specified in the application. If the project is abandoned, the money must be refunded via the Service's Point of Contact and may not be expended on an alternative project without the explicit authority of the Trust being obtained through the single Service Points of Contact. Once agreed grants cannot be increased at a later date.

Applicants should normally aim to contribute 25% of the cost. That said, those living in isolated locations, or under arduous conditions and small groups shall merit special consideration and will not necessarily be expected to contribute.

When an organisation wishes to replace a major item e.g. a yacht and use the proceeds as a trade-in towards the cost of a replacement, the Ministry of Defence may agree provided that the Trust's interest in the new item is properly recorded. Alternatively, the Ministry of Defence may support an application for a new grant provided the Trust's share of the proceeds is returned via the Service's Point of Contact as if the item had been sold (see below).

Recipients of Grants, or the Ministry of Defence on their behalf, shall have full responsibility for the provision of insurance cover, and all necessary maintenance or repair of items or facilities purchased with the help of a Trust Grant.

When considered appropriate, the Service's Point of Contact can authorize the transfer of property purchased with the aid of a Trust grant to another entitled organisation.

When property is unserviceable and cannot be economically repaired; or is worn out through fair wear and tear; or is damaged beyond repair or is lost; the Service's Point of Contact will when satisfied with the circumstances, authorise the write-off of the property.

When the sale of an item is the only appropriate means of disposal, the Service's Point of Contact should be requested to arrange for this to happen. When sold, the inscription is to be removed and all sale proceeds are to be returned via the Service's Point of Contact in proportion to the original grant.

In the event that an establishment is due to close, a ship is to be decommissioned, a unit is to be disbanded, or a station is to be closed, the Service's Point of Contact will establish the full details of all the Trust amenities held at that location and make the necessary arrangements to formally transfer or dispose of any such assets in accordance with the guidance given in the preceding paragraphs.