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What are the various categories of grants?  

Minor Grants (Up to 12,500)
Applications may be submitted at any time of the year.

Major Grants (In excess of 12,500 with a normal upper limit of 40,000)
Applications, which are considered at the March Trustee Meeting may only be made once a year in accordance with the timetables published by the single Service Points of Contact.

Capital Grants (over £40,000)
Allocations can be made at any time and have no upper limit and projects can be considered for funding over more than one year. Applicants should be mindful of the Trust's granting cycle (March Trustee Meeting to approve grants, and November Trustee Meeting to make forthcoming year's allocation) as bids may be held to match this cycle.

Operational Welfare Grants (Variable and funded from a separate special allocation.)
Once an emergency has been declared, applications may be made at any time without the requirement to follow the detailed procedures for Major and Minor grants, which are shown above.

Special Grants
In addition to the above grants, the Trustees may also, from time to time, make other special allocations in order to meet unforeseen requirements.



Who is eligible to apply?

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All Ships/Units/Stations/Establishments and similar organizations within the Armed Forces are automatically entitled to apply for financial support from the Trust on behalf of regular serving members of their organisation and those members of the Reserve Forces with an operational commitment. Dependants of regular serving members, although not eligible to apply in their own right, may also benefit indirectly as part of the 'Service Family as a whole'.



But! - all applications must be channelled through the single Service Points of Contact

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Inquiries about grants must always be made through Service channels and applicants should therefore not submit their applications direct to the General Secretary of the Trust.



How are applications that will benefit more than one of the Services, handled?

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When a project will benefit members of more than one Service, the 'strongest' Service will act as the sponsor.



Application Procedures

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Detailed instructions are published in the following separate Ministry of Defence publications:

Royal Navy

ACSO 3206

Royal Air Force
Air Publication (AP) 3223 Leaflets 112 and 114

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