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How is the money allocated?  

In November each year the Trustees announce any Capital and Special grants they are awarding. In addition the make a bulk grant allocation to the 3 Armed Services for the following year. This allocation is divided between the Services in proportion to their personnel strengths. For 2017, the Trustees made the following grant allocations:

Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre
Cyprus Combined Services Parachute Centre
Ulysses Trust
Exercise Ice Maiden
Victory Services Club
Services Major/Minor Grants


Since 1939, the Trust has given grants of over £56 Million which is equivalent to over £249 Million at present day values.


What are the priorities for the award of grants?

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The Trustees give the highest priority to supporting those deployed in an emergency to areas of conflict or disaster. They also strongly favour applications for grants that will benefit the maximum number of serving personnel and their dependants but wish as well to provide often much needed support for smaller sports associations and groups and those living in isolated locations.



Where can a copy of the full Financial Statements and Report of the Trustees be seen?

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A copy of the latest Financial Statements and Trustee report can be accessed through the Charity Commission website below.

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Annual Financial Statements